Workshops and tools

We design informative and inspirational workshops and tools with the aim of ensuring that no one in a team will ever again say:

  • The issues are too big I can’t make a difference
  • I care but the customer doesn’t
  • Sustainability isn’t cool


Brown Thomas

The Irish retailer Brown Thomas wanted a simple and accessible guide to help their teams integrate sustainability considerations into commercial conversations.

The challenge was to translate a substantial amount of information, statistics and guidance into a language and layout that would be easy to use, visually interesting and aligned with the Brown Thomas brand.

Our aim was to develop something that didn’t feel disposable, a book that the Brown Thomas team would find intriguing and be proud to have on their desk or in their hand at a meeting; both visually inspiring and appropriate to their needs.

Designing Sustainability

We work with a number of different brands and businesses across various sectors to engage and inspire their creative teams to design for sustainability.

We start by mapping the design landscape with Creative Directors and/or Head’s of Design. The aim is to identify synergies between the creative, commercial and sustainability strategies.

Based on our findings we work with the creative teams to develop a ‘future compass’, re-imagining their approach to design based on a number of co-created future scenarios.

We then use the scenarios as the starting point for a product hack, focused on signature elements of the brand proposition. We explore how both decisions, processes and outcomes change based on the different scenarios.

Finally we present viable future directions for the business driven by the knowledge and expertise of the teams themselves.