Sustainability strategies

We conceive and develop sustainability strategies with three principles in mind:

  • Allowing people to connect their personal values and interests with their work
  • Inspiring leaps of faith and risk taking as well as risk management
  • Creating a culture where a healthy balance sheet is seen as intrinsically linked to a healthy ecosystem



Selfridges is committed to taking an activist stance on social and environmental agendas. The success of Project Ocean, launched in 2011, laid the foundations for a unique value system and voice in the retail sector.

Building on the legacy of Project Ocean we worked with Selfridges to develop a five-year strategy, Buying Better – Inspiring Change, expanding and deepening their approach to sustainability. The aim is to ensure that Selfridges as a trusted curator of the best brands, places ethics and sustainability at the heart of buying and selling.

Buying Better – Inspiring Change promotes and celebrates sustainable production and consumption. All targets, activities and initiatives are designed to inspire dialogue and instigate action internally and externally. The strategy is built around recognition of the shared responsibility and vested interest we all have in maintaining healthy societies and ecosystems.

Christopher Raeburn

We worked with the pioneering British Menswear brand Christopher Raeburn over a number of years to develop and implement their unique business strategy.

Emerging brands face a host of challenges in the current retail climate; to succeed purpose must go hand in hand with pragmatism.

We developed a set of brand values that captured the ethos of the Christopher Raeburn business, placing sustainability at the heart of every endeavor.

We developed a business plan that explored a number of operational principles and directions, transcending the conventional wholesale model to ensure agility and adaptability. From this process the concept of the Remade Studio emerged, a unique space where everything from small run production, retail, exhibitions and interactive workshops can take place.


We worked with luxury retailer Net-A-Porter to develop their sustainable buying strategy and attributes for sustainability.

We developed bespoke training for the buying and marketing teams building sustainability literacy within the team.

We created an assessment process to help the buying teams identify more sustainable brands and products.

We consulted on the design, content development and launch of Net-A-Porter's sustainability hub NET SUSTAIN

We created an attribute framework to help customers understand why a product is being highlighted as more sustainable.