Campaigns and content

In this time of digital disruption, we research and develop content and campaigns that help brands be a credible voice for change by:

  • Taking an informed and transparent stance on key issues
  • Being socially active and galvanizing customer engagement
  • Representing and lobbying for sustainable production and consumption.


i-D Magazine

In 2011 Alex art directed and authored a year-long project with the iconic fashion publication i-D, exploring the many ways in which designers can integrate and communicate social and ecological values through their work. This was one of the first times a mainstream fashion publication engaged in a nuanced and in depth exploration of fashion and sustainability.

Alex brought together an editorial team to develop twelve monthly features shot in evocative British landscapes, touching on the intrinsic link between what we wear and where we live. Each chapter of i-Sustain focused on a pioneering young designer, highlighting how creativity can be applied in diverse ways to achieve sustainability. The series ended with a manifesto for the conscious consumer.


We worked with Selfridges to develop the Material World Campaign, inspiring and encouraging customers to take a deeper look at the things they buy and own.

The campaign focused on a series of key materials that are ubiquitous in all our wardrobes but often produced in ways that are damaging to both people and planet. We identified eight designers committed to positive change to be flagships for sustainability in each material category.

We worked with the creative, sustainability, buying and marketing teams to advise on and contribute to every element of the campaign. We offered guidance on brand engagement, product and digital content development, windows and in store messaging.